One fine day…

On the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town, South Africa, I am probably known as that crazy dachshund lady.  In the beginning though it wasn’t for the best of reasons…

My precious little princess Vienna, her siblings Coco and Chanel, my hubby and I went for a leisurely stroll in Silvermine Nature Reserve, a walk that probably changed our lives forever.

Little Vienna went missing, spooked by a pushchair she ran off back up the river walk path while hubby (Greg) chased after her.  I was shocked when he returned 10 minutes later without her, she loved us, she would never run away, not Vienna.

Yes, I am sure we all have this belief with our dogs, but a panicked dog in survival mode isn’t thinking clearly and we can never predict what they will do.  I don’t think you know your inner strength until you are tested with something like this.  For the next 8 days I spent 10 hours a day clocking up 18 kilometers a day frantically searching for her.

I followed every lead, begged and pleaded on social media and with local rescue centers to help.  Thanks to Cape Dachshund Rescue, The Dachshund Haven, SPCA, Sanparks and a huge community of dog lovers in and around Cape Town Vienna was Finally spotted trying to cross a road to Muizenberg.  I raced there as fast as I could and saw her hiding under a tree still with her pink harness on but she was still frightened and although I was only 2 meters away she wouldn’t come to me and she raced off.

It took about 15 of us 2 hours to corner and catch her but once she was in my arms she snuggled up to my neck and licked my face, I couldn’t even cry I was so overwhelmed.  I had so many people to thank for helping me find Vienna, Lauren, Stacey, Jean, Fiona, Holly and Ronelle you guys were amazing and all who searched and shared posts and ideas.

Thank you from Vienna and Jayne.