Viennas Village

Terms & Conditions

Just the boring stuff…

  1. Whilst all reasonable care and precaution is taken in looking after the animal/s at Vienna’s Village, it is distinctly understood that no liability is incurred by the Proprietors in respect of any loss or damage to the animal/s through sickness, escape, or from any cause whatsoever.
  1. If your animals have shown signs of aggression amongst each other, it is your duty and responsibility to warn us in advance so that we can prevent possible altercations. Please be advised that Vienna’s Village will not be liable for any accounts, injury or loss should your own dogs fight with each other.
  1. No responsibility is taken for collars, leads, containers, etc. left at the premises.
  1. It remains the responsibility of the owners to examine and satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the accommodation offered and agree that they are satisfied with such conditions. You must also ensure that you relay all medical requirement for your animals in writing on their arrival.
  1. It is understood that only dogs that are up to date with all their annual vaccinations (including kennel cough), will be accepted at our facilities. Vaccinations must be done at least two weeks prior to check in date. Proof of such must be provided. Accommodation for dogs can be refused if not adhered to.
  1. Bedding is supplied. We will not take responsibility for bedding should family decide to bring their own bedding
  1. All accommodation costs must be paid in advance, and all extra costs incurred during stay must be settled before the animal/s is to be collected by the owner. Pets will not be released unless full payment is received.
  1. Owners will be contacted in the event of a medical emergency. If the owners of a sick animal could not be reached, the Proprietors will take whichever action they deem appropriate to alleviate the situation. All costs incurred will be for the owners account. Owners must leave contact names and numbers for the period for which pets will be at Vienna’s Village.
  1. The choice of Veterinarian will be at sole discretion of the Proprietor. All Veterinarian costs will be for the owners account.

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