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All about Vienna’s Village…

A couple of years ago I read a facebook post, it was a sad story about an old gentleman who had a stroke and had passed away leaving behind his best friend and life long companion, his Dachshund. Rescue organizations were begging for foster homes to help little dogs like his one who was used to sleeping in the bed and on couches and being totally spoilt, dogs who wouldn’t cope in Kennels.

I remember reading this post and imagining my spoilt furbabies should that ever happen to me.  Where would they go? Who would love them? Spoil them, cook for them and treat them like Royalty which is what they are accustomed to.  That was when I signed up to foster for Cape Dachshund Rescue, an awesome group of people dedicated to saving the lives of little and sometimes not so little doggits.

The day before I got my first foster we went for THAT walk in Silvermine, the dreaded day Vienna went missing!

I remember the nightmare like it was yesterday, my precious little angel alone on a cold wet mountain for eight days.  Miraculously she was found a few kilometres away looking a little skinny and dirty but otherwise healthy, she is my little fighter my brave little girl who found her way to safety.

So, a week later I got my first foster Daxter and after that they came rolling in, some from good homes, some not so good homes but all with their own personality and with so much love to give.

People often tell me they could never foster, that they wouldn’t be able to let the dog go, well when you see that furbaby go to its furever home and the new proud parents send photos and keep you updated about how the little one is doing then you know you helped change the life of that little dog.

Since then I have lost count, but I am pretty sure its over 100 fosters that have come to stay with us.  The ever-increasing amount of dogs surrendered required more space and with the support of my husband Greg and our amazing family we bought a small holding to start our dream.

Viennas Village took a lot of planning, we wanted a place where we could fit in more foster dogs and look after other pampered pooches in a secure fun-filled environment while their owners were away.

So… What do I want when I go on holiday?

  • A nice hotel room with comfy bed,
  • Entertainment, swimming pool, relaxed atmosphere
  • Great food
  • Happy memories of an awesome time.

Well then that’s what I would want my dogs to have – and yours – a fun-filled holiday of their own, and that’s what we’ve created. A five-star dog hotel and daycare centre for small dogs!

I look forward to welcoming your little babies soon…

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“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail”

…Kinky Friedman

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