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All our guests need to know…

We are only too pleased to accommodate day visitors from 7:30am until 5:30pm.

Day visitors will receive a treat at lunchtime.

(Any late pickups will regrettably be charged an overnight fee.)

1 – 5 km R120
5 – 10 km R200
10 – 20 km R300
20 – 30 km R400
30 – 50 km R500

Google Maps route distance between Vienna’s Village and drop-off/collection point.

Prices quoted on ONE WAY trip.

We have ten suites accommodating individual dogs and four suites accommodating two or three dogs.

Suites are cleaned daily and cosy bedding is provided with a doggy loo and water bowl.

The play areas have been designed for maximum fun and chill time.  We have an artificial lawn area scattered with toys, the centrepiece being our beautifully designed Cape Dutch playhouse with beds.  We also have a large grassed area with a shallow dog pool and cabanas, a play tunnel and other fun toys to keep your dog entertained all day.  For dogs needing a little time out, we also have two smaller areas fenced off with a kennel and toys.

An indoor chill lounge set up with mini couches and toys will ensure your fur babies are kept warm and dry on cold and rainy days.

Our Puppy Park accommodates small breed puppies from fifteen weeks to six months; this is a covered area laid with artificial lawn with shelter, beds and toys.  We request that puppies bring their own food as we do not want to upset their delicate little tummies with a change of diet.  We also ask that they are up to date with puppy vaccinations.


Monday, Thursday & Saturday: Beef mince, broccoli, sweet potato and coconut oil.

Tuesday, Friday & Sunday:  Chicken, cauliflower, butternut and coconut oil

Wednesday:  Chicken livers and rice

All the above meals with be served with good quality pellets*


Dry pellets*

Bowls will be provided.

We will happily cater for guests on a special diet.  Do not hesitate to contact us to arrange alternative meals.

* Please note we serve Acana pellets – should you wish for your furbabies to stay on their normal day 2 day pellets please feel free to bring a container with enough food for the duration of their stay.

playtime fun06h00-07h00:     Wake up, toilet time and, most importantly, morning cuddles

07h00:                   Breakfast in the suite

–   Some dogs eat faster than others and we don’t want any stealing of food.

–   Followed by supervised chill time (inside and outside).

12h00:                   Chill time in the suites with a treat

14h00:                   Supervised outside playtime

18h00:                   Dinner served in the suites

18h15:                    Supervised relax time in the indoor or outdoor area with lots more cuddles.

20h00:                  Bedtime with relaxed doggy music and a bedtime biscuit

CCTV will ensure that your pooches are monitored at all times during the night.

  • A 20% non-refundable deposit is required on confirmation of booking
  • The remaining balance is to be paid prior to the date of confirmed stay, No refunds will be given for early collection.
  • Immediate full payment is required on extension of dogs boarding, subject to availability.

Important Information

Please read and note the Terms and Conditions very carefully.

In an emergency (unless prior arrangements are made at the time of booking), dogs requiring veterinary care will be taken to Noordhoek Veterinary Clinic.  We will contact you beforehand but if you are unreachable we will do what we deem necessary for your pet.  All veterinary care will be for your account and must be settled prior to your dog being released back into your care.

If your dog has any history of behavioural problems with other dogs, or needs any special treatment or handling, please let us know in as much details as possible prior to booking.  We like all dogs to have fun with each other in a relaxed environment, so if any dog is overly aggressive to the other residents whilst in our care, or poses a threat of any kind, they may be safely crated for the protection of all.  This will only ever be done as a last resort in exceptional circumstances.

Should your dog continue to show signs of aggression towards our staff or other residents, we will contact you and request you to arrange alternative accommodation.

Contact Us to book your pup in!